Offshore Banking

Your business advisor will also help you through the entire application process in to get it right done from the beginning. With his /her help, you will be able to open up your first bank account in an offshore jurisdiction in a matter of no time. The great benefits is that you can enjoy greater privacy and greater return on your savings.

Bank Account Opening

We help you to open a bank account for your new company.
The service we provide includes:

  • Prepare the bank account application
  • Collect all KYC information
  • Verify all information and signatures are in place
  • Bank Introduction
  • Supporting question and documents

Total costs EUR 450

Bank Account Opening

We can help you open both personal and corporate accounts, quickly and without any hassle.

Required documents for the account opening:

  • a copy of passport
  • electricity bill not older than 3 months
  • copy of passport
  • corporate documents with apostille
  • share certificate
  • reference letter from a lawyer or current bank or certified accountants