• Registering the company € 995
  • Nominee Director € 750
  • Nominee Shareholder €750
  • Bank Account opening

Belize Offshore Company

The Benefits of Incorporating an Offshore Company in Belize: Action Plan for Sustainable Business Development in Belize City

Is the price tag still stinging on this year’s tax return?

If you are fed up with the slow growth of your business and are looking for opportunities to set up an offshore company in Belize, you are at the right place. This blog talks about the benefits of setting up an offshore company in Belize.

Located in the Eastern Central America, between Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea, Belize boasts a rich history, diverse cultures, and world-renowned natural beauty Belize has become one of the leading venues for business and rich people looking for a top offshore tax haven. In fact, it is a country that offers stability along with a very attractive tax regime or, better said, no taxes for companies.

With its straightforward incorporation procedures, Belize is recognized as an edge over many countries to do business in Central America. Entrepreneurs favor Belize in setting up offshore company for the attractive opportunities it provides to foreign businesses.


Good to know about Belize

  • Capital: Belmopan
  • Official languages: English
  • Area: 22966 km2
  • Population: 408.487
  • Currency: Belize dollar (BZD)
Easy And Quick Incorporation Of The Business

It requires only one to two days for an enterprise to get completely incorporated in Belize, while the same method can take a few months to a year in other nations. Registration requires just two easy measures: business name approval and documentation. The method is completely tailored online and is very convenient for entrepreneurs to pursue business in Belize. However, a corporate service supplier can take care of the operation if you’re unable to take the step up or are unable to accomplish the procedure.

Lower Liability For Taxes

Tax is one of the main issues of business owners that want to set up their companies in another jurisdiction. Belize’s tax scheme shines in this direction. The low private and corporate tax rates are easy and business friendly. The scheme also does not include capital and dividend taxes, so foreign entities can take advantage of company operations.


Privacy is ensured as there shall be no record of the directors, managers and shareholders of the offshore corporation. Only shareholders can see other shareholders documents. The state of Belize has only documents of Articles of Incorporation of the offshore company. No annual tax returns or offshore books are available. There is no auditing. Belize offshore corporations may use anonymous share bearer.

Liberal Ownership for Foreigners

Belize provides 100% foreign equity for across all sectors. Whether a firm is owned by a person or a company, foreign entrepreneurs can be ensured that Belize does not require local authorities to approve it. In addition, a foreign corporation shall be acknowledged in the nation as a legal entity. It will be believed as a credible business by employees, banks and other organizations.

Wide Selection Of Banking Services

Belize is regarded as Central America’s leading economic centers that provides offshore companies a wide range of banking services. Business owners are offered the choice of opening multi-currency accounts and transferring funds to local banks from abroad, and vice-versa. Opening an offshore Belize bank may take 2 days to 15 days. Whereas most banks require the owners of their businesses to open their own accounts, other banks enable Belize company officials to open their own accounts for their business.

Secure Political Stability

Politics has a huge effect on companies. Belize has a pro-business strategy and enables companies to excel in transparent and bureaucratic operations. In addition, intellectual property, the workforce and companies in particular in the nation are highly respected. For overseas company owners, this is a good news because these measures reduce the danger of establishing their own firms.

Belize has appeared to be one of Central America’s major destinations for overseas companies. Thanks to its business-friendly environment, businesses in Belize are readily able to integrate foreign businesses. Strong Belize policy stabilization and fast integration, reduced tax rates, liberal ownership and a full selection of banking facilities can benefit offshore companies.