• Registering the company € 1590
  • Nominee Director € 500
  • Nominee Shareholder €500
  • Bank Account opening

Company Formation: Establishing an offshore company in Cyprus


Cyprus, officially known as the Republic of Cyprus, is a nation cantered in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is the third largest and third biggest populated island. As an advance nation, the country has a high-income economy, and a high index of human development. It is one of the European Union’s fastest-developing nations with a GDP of 1.6%.

Why do you want to establish an offshore company in Cyprus?

Cyprus businesses are one of the most efficient vehicles for global tax planning. The key to Cyprus achievement lies in its combination of the lowest corporate tax rate (12.5%), a non-business corporate tax system, a highly competitive VAT rate (19%), an impressive network of dual-tax agreements and all the extra advantages supplied by Cyprus tax law.

The investment vehicle in Cyprus is suitable both for EU inbound and outbound investments.

  • Finance Companies
  • Holding companies
  • Financial Services companies
  • Royalty companies
  • Investment funds and Private Collective Investment Schemes
  • South Europe, Middle East and Eastern Europe
  • Procedure for Cyprus Company Incorporation

Good to know about Cyprus

  • Capital: Nicosia
  • Official languages: Creek and Turkish
  • Area: 9251km2
  • Population: 1.170.125
  • Currency: EUR
Documents requires to Incorporate company in Cyprus

Documents requires to Incorporate company in Cyprus

1. Name of the Company
2. Description of the company’s operations
3. Personal information of shareholders or beneficial owners for setting up an offshore company in Cyprus.
4. Directors Personal Details
5. Personal details of company’s secretary
6. A bank referral letter
7. An existing passport (signed)
8. Residence proof by giving a bank statement or bill
9. The incorporation documents must be submitted with the Cyprus Trade Register

Secure The Social Contribution Registration

Get the registration of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance social contribution if you decide to hire employees. In Cyprus, a fresh business has to employ staff. Recruitment is not a tough method if you cooperate with employment websites and hiring organizations, particularly as Cyprus employees are so well-trained.

Procure the value added tax number

Get the VAT number through a Tax Department registration. In the Cyprus tax scheme, VAT registration is obligatory only for businesses that undertake value-added tax, for example, trade.

Get the authorization of incorporation

Once all documentation is filed and approved by government. The next thing you have to do is to obtain the registration certificate, which is a significant document for further processing.

Present the Documents

After the authorization of the name, the appropriate papers for an entity’s registration must be presented in accordance with the entity’s legal form. It involves a memorandum and association articles. It must be submitted to the Registrar’s and Official Receiver’s Department together with a sworn declaration from the lawyer and details of the registered office, all managers and secretary making the payment of the fee.

Company’s Name Approval

The name must be approved by the Registrar of Companies before a firm is incorporated. In order to verify accessibility, a selection of 3 names must be given. The name approval application shall be examined, in the course of a week under the normal procedure or 2-3 working days in the accelerated procedure.

Few Advantages to invest in Cyprus:
  • It is possible to register a company in Cyprus in about 5 working days.
    Incorporation costs is very low
  • You can get the same day business certificate such as an Incorporation Certificate or a Good Standing Certificate; in English and Apostilled.
  • 0% taxation for all non-resident’s companies
    Cyprus is an associated to EU
  • For complete confidentiality and anonymity, the use of a nominee director and shareholder is permitted.
    Cypriot firms are exempt from foreign exchange tax (FX) profits, except for FX gains from foreign currency trading and associated derivatives!
  • Single membership ownership is accessible English is widely spoken
  • A business in Cyprus pays a tax of only 2.5% on all revenues from intellectual property, such as, patents, trademarks, music or sports or science rights, etc. In the form of intellectual property rights.