• Registering the company € 6500
  • Nominee Director € 1200
  • Nominee Shareholder €1200
  • Bank Account opening

Dubai, UAE Offshore Company Formation

One of the most appealing places to establish an offshore company is Dubai. The nation has a well-developed economy, state-of – the-art facilities and other benefits. That’s why a large number of successful foreign entrepreneurs and investors choose to operate in Dubai.

A number of international business companies (IBC) are growing every day in Dubai in every industry in the shape of big, medium and small businesses thanks to a sound reputation and investment protection.

General Business Information
The UAE offshore business in Dubai offers the most effective way to operate your international business. Offshore companies can all be entirely foreign owned and have the right to open banking accounts within and outside the UAE in full exempt from taxation.

These IBC (now-ICC) businesses are price-attractive, can be recorded very quickly-just in a few days-and are extremely practical for a variety of businesses and for keeping various assets in and around the UAE.

UAE offshore company in Dubai can operate virtually any business outside the nation. The United Arab Emirates off shore company cannot do any business except own a bank account and communicate for the purposes of IBC/ICC company administration with the local registered representative.

Goods cannot be imported into the UAE markets by its legal entity; in fact, it also can’t lease office or other business premises to its shareholders and directors. This type of legal entity differs from onshore businesses in the free trade areas of the United Arab Emirates and has a significantly reduced cost than the onshore business.

No Tax Burden

The UAE imposes on its offshore companies’ null taxes exempting them from any revenue, corporate, personal or customary duties. This allows company owners to get a complete return on investment in the nation and to benefit from future economic advantages.


An offshore company in the Dubai does not need to keep its directors and shareholders records. It guarantees full business anonymity with important data regarding the corporate ownership structure not revealed.

Ease Of Setting Up

The minimum time period for registering offshore businesses with the Dubai ranges between 3 to 7 days with its rapid incorporation process. As opposed to other nations, for company registration, the Dubai only needs one Director / Shareholder. Moreover, an offshore enterprise can also be virtual. It is not necessary for a business to have an office in Dubai.

Full Ownership

Unlike in other GCC countries, the establishment of a Dubai offshore company by a local shareholder and partner is not necessary. A manager can be any national of an offshore company. In addition, the company’s shareholder is qualified to run the enterprise and then own real estate in chosen fields.

Asset Protection

An offshore company is a precious vehicle for holding assets, such as intellectual property or real estate investments for entrepreneurs with international business interests. In the Dubai, asset security acts as a legal corridor between creditors and overseas company assets.

Documents Required to incorporate offshore company in Dubai,UAE

Personal details of documents required:

  • A copy of name, address, date of birth, occupation, citizenship and
  • submit a copy of your, identity card, passport or any other identification document issued by a governmental authority.
  • Residence proof in the form of a utility bill from home country

Individual applicant: –

  • Passport copy of applicant – original to be provided at the time of account opening in Dubai
  • Personal profile of applicant
  • Bank reference letter
  • Director’s passport copy.
  • Power of Attorney in favor of our office to pursue the incorporation process endorsed and permissible to the UAE Embassy or consulate in the country of execution.
  • Proof of residence (utility bills like water/electricity bill evidencing the address of the applicant)
Registration Process To Incorporate Dubai Offshore Company

The first and significant step to open an offshore company in Dubai is to select a local officer or specialist training business to register. To set up an offshore company in Dubai, the following papers are needed:

  1. Articles of Associations documents
  2. Utility bill
  3. Share Capital
  4. The name of the enterprise must be reserved with the Trade Register.

Good to know about Dubai

  • A part of the United Arab Emirates
  • Official languages: Arabic
  • Area: 35km2
  • Population: 3.137.463
  • Currency: Dirhams