• Registering the company € 995
  • Nominee Director € 6500
  • Nominee Shareholder €650
  • Bank Account opening

Establish Offshore Company in Seychelles

Seychelles, known as a tax haven, is a privileged place to do business for investors wishing to increase tax planning more efficient and protecting their assets by making Seychelles offshore company formationn. In this respect, IBC (International Business Company) is located off-shore in Seychelles and can be used to establish an offshore company in the Seychelles region.

General Business Information

The Companies Act 1972 governs companies operating in Seychelles. The promoter must register his business at the Registrar General’s office. The Act stipulates that a company must be registered with the Registrar of Companies to engage in any business activity. A statement should accompany the company’s Memorandum of Association. It has grown rapidly in sectors due to its flexibility, exceptional protection regulation and enabling law, making it among the best jurisdictions for offshore company formations.

Another law through which one can establish an offshore company is through Seychelles Commercial code.

Why Seychelles?

Simple. Because you want low costs, quick registration, ease of administration, legislation and regulations which are familiar and friendly for business, continuity and political involvement which a stable state guarantees and a location where the person’s right to privacy still is appreciated. For domicile holding businesses, Seychelles is considered as the favourite jurisdiction.

Good to know about Seychelles

  • Capital: Victoria
  • Official languages: English
  • Area: 456km2
  • Population: 94.,228
  • Currency: Seychellois rupee (SCR)
Tax Exemptions

Article 361 of the IBC Act states that, Seychelles IBC shall be free from paying any tax on the company’s revenues and profit generated. In addition, offshore enterprises are not required to impose stamping obligations on any company transaction, particularly on property transfers or transfers relating to stocks, debt or other securities. While the Seychelles IBC companies are free from paying taxes, the companies should comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • Companies are confined to operate their business within the IBC territory
  • Companies in Seychelles cannot own properties
  • Companies cannot carry out securities operations
  • Companies are strictly prohibited from playing gambling

Regardless of the above-mentioned restrictions, the following activities may still be engaged by offshore companies.

  • Companies in Seychelles can have or operate their local account and can also accept deposits.
  • Companies are permitted to book-keeping
  • Companies in Seychelles can hold shares and securities in other IBC companies.
  • Vessel and aircraft can be registered by company’s name
  • Residents of Seychelles can also open IBC companies
Incorporation Timeline

Seychelles has the best services in the form of licensing within 24 hours, subject to the relevant documents submitted on time, when compared with schedules for the incorporation of an organization to other countries.

License from Government

Seychelles IBC’s seeks a minimum fee of USD 100 for registration by the government, regardless of the quantity of paid-up assets, which is the cheapest as compared to IBC’s in other nations.

Provisions of Confiscation

Special confiscation provisions are another essential advantage of setting up an offshore company in Seychelles. The conditions for the confiscation of any stocks or other interest in IBC by any foreign government authority defines that the company may apply to Seychelles court and receive a decision ordering the company to release shareholders’ privileges to them.

Personal Information

In order to protect the particular interest of the members of the company, the Seychelles IBC authorities shall not share personal information or identities of the shareholders, directors or any beneficial owner. Moreover, no information on shareholder identities is required from new IBC companies. Companies must offer MOA (Association Memorandum) and AOA (Association Articles) without shareholders being disclosed.

Seychelles Company Registration Requirements

The only requirements to be submitted to the Registry are a Memorandum and the Articles of Association that can be submitted together or within 30 days of incorporation. You’ll need to register. To register, you will need

  • Copy of passport
  • Address proof
  • applicable government fee
  • bank statement
  • application form

Once the forms and documents have been arranged, they will be submitted online electronically to the country business registry where the application will be filed. The entire process is generally finished within a matter of days.